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I've been doing Pilates with Vickie for over four years, doing both mat and reformer classes. At 55, I can truly say that Pilates has changed my life.
Before I started I was having chronic lower back pain. I had seen physical
therapists and chiropractors and had steroid injections. I didn't really
see improvement until I started Pilates. Not only is my back better, but I
have lost weight and completely reshaped my body. With her dance background
and through study, Vickie is very knowledgeable about how the human body
works and she is very aware of her client's specific needs. I have taken
Pilates from other instructors, but she's the only one who doesn't do the
exercises with her students. In that way, she is able to pay close
attention her clients and give correction so we get the most out of the
exercises. She also varies the workout from week to week, so it doesn't get
boring and you are working different parts of your body. I cannot imagine
ever not having Pilates in my life. I would highly recommend Vickie's
classes to anyone at any age! - Janet