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Vickie received her training  through Balanced Body, PhysicalMind Institute and is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance. She has completed her comprehensive test out with Balanced Body University.  A former professional dancer, she stresses form and movement quality in her training sessions.  She believes if you are going to invest the time, you should do the exercises correctly.  Vickie believes in hard work in a fun atmosphere.  Vickie understands the importance of finding a trainer who is able to bring out the best in you.  It’s a relationship of trust and report.  It should “click” for both the client and trainer.  Vickie uses constructive corrections to enhance the client’s performance while maintain light heartedness.  If you don’t enjoy your workout (no matter what it is), you won’t do it.  Vickie believes in continuing her education within Pilates.  Pilates is a journey for the client and instructor,  both can explore new ideas and have discoveries about the body that continue to challenge each person.